Give the gift of a legacy and help save Canco Woods!

A meaningful gift - save Canco WoodsIf you’re looking for a gift that is unique and has meaning – you can avoid the mad rush of the big box stores and give a lasting legacy of preserving the precious wilderness!

For Cyber Monday, you can go online and donate in your loved ones’ names to help save Canco Woods, and help preserve this 13-acre forested wetlands here in the heart of Portland, Maine!

Donations are tax deductible. Our partner, the Trust for Public Land has set up the secure online site where you can easily donate. And finally, although we are confident we will make our goal in time (deadline is December 14, and ideally we’d like all donations by December 7) but should we be unable to purchase the land, your donation will be refunded in full.

A donation can be as little as the price of two Starbucks lattes, or today’s lunch, or even a movie ticket.  Or you can give a larger gift and help us reach our goal that much faster!  Please help us save these woods – it’s a gift you and your loved ones will remember for a long time!

Happy Thanksgiving from Friends at Canco Woods

Thanksgiving at Canco WoodsAll of us who are involved in the fight to save the Canco Woods would like to wish you and yours a very Happy Thankgiving!

If you’re in the area and want to walk off that turkey dinner, come on out to the Woods – it’s a gorgeous day outside, for which we’re thankful! We’re also thankful for every single one of you who have donated, not only with your hard-earned dollars, but for the immense amounts of time and energy in helping preserve this unique and special spot!

“Bambi” inspired by forests and wildlife of Maine!

Bambi movie posterOn “Jeopardy” tonight, they said “Bambi” was inspired by the Maine forest and wildlife!  Who knew?  Our forests are such a treasure – inspiring works of art from literature to popular movies! Help us save our small part of Maine’s legacy! Donate, share our site with all your friends and family!

–The background art of the film “Bambi” was inspired by the Eastern woodlands; one of the earliest and best known artists for the Disney studio, Maurice “Jake” Day spent several weeks in the Vermont and Maine forests, sketching and photographing deer, fawns, and the surrounding wilderness areas. Also, a pair of fawns (named Bambi and Faline) were shipped from the area of present day Baxter State Park in Maine to the studio so that the artists could see first-hand the movement of these animals

Woods featured on WCSH6 evening news!

Neighborhood girls interviewed for Ch. 6 evening news

Representatives from Friends of Canco Woods and Trust for Public Land, as well as several neighbors appeared on the WCSH6 nightly news in a story by reporter Melissa Kenison about the final weeks of fundraising for the Woods.

Thanks to Melissa, Gregg Caporossi from the Trust for Public Land and Tobin Scipione representing Friends of Canco Woods for their interviews, as well as Ben, Elwen, Ella and the other neighbors who also appeared in the segment!

If you can, please donate – we only have 3+ weeks to raise the final $100,000!!  And spread the word. We can make this happen with your help!

Vote to Save the Woods – online contest

Canco woods - trees Here’s a super easy way to help us raise $1000!

Starting Wednesday, 11/14 through Friday, 11/30, simply go to the Discover the Forest site - and vote for Canco Woods!

It’s a group encouraging people to discover the beauty and majesty of the woods, and the judges chose our project to be one of the selected few for people to vote on!  Please help the Canco Woods remain a natural wild space for people and wildlife to enjoy!

Feel free to share this URL by email, on your Facebook page, Tweet it, Pin it, etc. and ask your friends and family to vote!


Donate online to Save the Woods!

Save Canco WoodsWe are pleased to announce online donating — through our Save the Woods campaign!

We’re in the home stretch now for fundraising — with two grants pending, if we get them, we’ll only have $35,000 left to raise by December 7!  But that deadline’s approaching, so please donate now!

And share this site with your friends on your Facebook page, Tweet it, email it, Pin it, etc!


Similar to a regular donation, your money goes to the Trust for Public Land, specifically to the Canco Woods campaign. And you will get a tax deduction receipt.