“Bambi” inspired by forests and wildlife of Maine!

Bambi movie posterOn “Jeopardy” tonight, they said “Bambi” was inspired by the Maine forest and wildlife!  Who knew?  Our forests are such a treasure – inspiring works of art from literature to popular movies! Help us save our small part of Maine’s legacy! Donate, share our site with all your friends and family!

–The background art of the film “Bambi” was inspired by the Eastern woodlands; one of the earliest and best known artists for the Disney studio, Maurice “Jake” Day spent several weeks in the Vermont and Maine forests, sketching and photographing deer, fawns, and the surrounding wilderness areas. Also, a pair of fawns (named Bambi and Faline) were shipped from the area of present day Baxter State Park in Maine to the studio so that the artists could see first-hand the movement of these animals

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